There are numerous inland hinterlands where barns, cabins and rustic houses are scattered.

The resident population is 1,292 inhabitants. In summer there are many tourists. The modern and welcoming property has about 20 hotel complexes and a holiday village as well as residences, landlords, restaurants, bars, tennis courts, swimming pools. There are numerous opportunities for hiking, mountain biking or horseback riding.


Tignale is one of the nine municipalities of Upper Garda Lake in Brescia between Tremosine, Magasa, Gargnano and Garda.

The area with a height between 65 m of the lake and the 1,475 m of the Monte Puria has an area of ​​48.4 km ². In addition to the capital Gardola, the municipality includes five hamlets: Piovere, Oldesio, Olzano, Aer and Prabione. Lake, hills and mountains shape the geography of the places; to the east, on the characteristic terraces, the olive tree dominates; along the rocky walls is the Mediterranean scrub (holm oak, laurel, rosemary, etc.); Inland there are meadows and forests (pine, ash, chestnut, hornbeam, downy oak, beech).